We Can Grow Ltd have created a business that provides a raft of resources to assist schools in embedding food growing into their teaching practice. Our objective is to support schools to make a transition over a period of time to secure food growing into the way they deliver education.

Our consultants are qualified and experienced teachers who fully understand the place of learning outside the classroom in effective teaching and learning. They can assist our customers to maximise the benefits of investing in food growing. 

There are two main aspects to this offer:

  1. The production of generic lesson plans and the development topic areas that deliver specific learning outcomes and provide links to a wide range of complimentary resources. These resources cover all curriculum areas and are available to all WCG customers.
  2. Bespoke assistance. Becoming a growing school involves a journey which arrives at a place where the activity is embedded into its teaching and learning. WCG Consultants implicitly understand this process. They can assist schools to undertake the journey efficiently to minimise additional workloads and effectively to ensure that the widest possible range of benefits are realised. WCG consultants are flexible in their approach, experts at delivering inspirational CPD and can help schools meet their individual needs.


Barbara Ainscough - BSc Hons (Plant Biology) MEd, PGCE

 Apple Distinguished Educator
 Apple Professional Development

Barbara is an experienced ICT education consultant, who fully understands the place of ICT in effective teaching and learning. Our consultants are accredited Whiteboard trainers and Apple professional Development approved, providing training on IPad (ADE and APD). Barbara has contributed* to the development of a bespoke software package that has been developed for schools that links outside activities to classwork reinforcing academic learning with real experience.

Following several years of primary classroom teaching she worked as an Advisory Teacher for Humberside and North-East Lincolnshire Local Authorities and part-time with Rotherham Local Authority. She has been delivering training for education for 22 years and working as an independent trainer for the last 13 years.

Barbara has worked with many schools over the years, developing all aspects of the curriculum through the application of ICT, specialising in the use of iPads and Apple technology, IWB, Web2.0 and creative technologies, and has a keen interest in developing learning through technology.

An approved Apple Professional Development Trainer, Barbara has a passion for promoting the use of iPads and other mobile devices in Education and developing creativity using Macs.  She offers training and development in a variety of creative activities and has a special interest in developing engaging and exciting science activities in schools.

Barbara is a trainer for Espresso Education, Kudlian Software, 2Simple’s Purple Mash, Clicker and an Associate Trainer for Research Machines.  She is also on the steering committee for Technology Teaching Systems (TTS) advising about new products for schools.