West Butterwick C of E Primary School

West Butterwick Primary School was delighted to have 4 planting troughs delivered as part of our 'We Can Grow Project'. This project has enabled ALL pupils (aged 3 - 11) and staff to become involved in the planning, planting, cultivating and harvesting of a variety of fruit and vegetables over the course of the year throughout the various seasons. 
Through this, the children were able to connect with food first-hand (food to fork!), considering its provenance, its cultural significance and its variety.  We also found that this ‘We Can Grow’ Project supported our school community in developing healthier habits : valuing the natural environment, which is the ultimate source of all our food, leading to children eating more fruit and vegetables and having a better recognition of taste and type. We anticipated many educational as well as lifestyle benefits…..:-
Food growing increasing children’s scientific knowledge and their environmental awareness.
Food growing teaching our school community practical skills that will be useful throughout our lives. 
Cross curricular elements including practical 'hands on' learning ie the children in our Reception Class learned about subtraction and division using bunches of freshly-harvested carrots! 
We even had one of our parents bake enough pumpkin pie for the whole school using the pumpkins we grew ourselves!  It was delicious and many of us had never tried this dish before. 
We look forward to continuing to learn new skills over the coming months with the new planting plan that we have agreed on with the We Can Grown Team.  This academic year, we will be learning about and using our very own 'drip irrigation system' made out of empty 1 or 2 litre drinks bottles.  This project is also supporting our School's 'Eco School'  and 'Healthy School' status, as well as the message 'reduce, reuse, recycle'.       

Mrs J Buckle, Head Teacher, West Butterwick & St Martins.

Please take a look at what the children of West Butterwick School will  be growing this season.