Founded in October 2020, We Can Grow Communities is a Community Interest Company that has been formed to benefit the community through the pursuit of a social purpose.


We seek to improve the health, lifestyle and mental wellbeing of children, young people and older people across our varied and diverse society. 


We Can Grow Communities install raised purpose-built wooden bed planters and deliver a wide range of fun, stimulating vegetable growing activities that are suitable for all ages.  We provide EVERY resource, including fully trained staff, needed to enjoy all the benefits of growing and eating your own vegetables.


We call these activities


Our social objectives


Everything we do positively contributes towards our objectives, to:


  • Address childhood obesity levels

  • Promote the benefits of eating a healthier diet

  • Develop the understanding of our natural world and the environment

  • Equip children with the life skills to be effective citizens

  • Improve the level of social skills amongst the most vulnerable

  • Combat social isolation by helping to reduce people’s feeling of loneliness


At We Can Grow Communities, we particularly enjoy working with disadvantaged and/or vulnerable groups of children, young people and older people.

How we achieve our objectives


Our raised purpose-built wooden bed planters come in a variety of sizes and heights to suit your environment.  For schools and community care settings they are at the ideal height for children, older people and wheelchair users to fully access without the usual difficulties associated with school or outdoor gardening, thus reducing preparation and clean-up time to just a few minutes.


A perfect mixture of soil, compost and nutrients approved by the Soil Association ensure an excellent standard and quantity of crops are produced.  All of our planters are also fitted with vertical worm farms allowing the planters to fertilize themselves!

Our #vegiculture programme


Our stimulating and educational #vegiculture programme provides a wide range of growing activities that are suitable for all ages, and all levels of experience.  Our activities have been independently assessed, and accredited, for the quality and content of our staff and delivery.


Whether you are a community of little growers at school, a bigger grower at home, or an older grower in a community home setting, we aim to make a positive difference to how you feel about yourself and others, the way in which you view vegetables in your diet, and the way in which you view the world around you.


After every #vegiculture activity session, a full digital summary is provided which outlines what activities have been completed, the education curriculum links covered and what outcomes have been achieved.  We include photographs as well as participant and staff comments.  Week by week, this builds into a superb progress report that can be used or adapted for school/community home setting reports or community articles.