£200 per month x 24


We Can Grow will provide ALL the resources and support necessary so that people of all ages and abilities can access and benefit from gardening and the power of nature.


Look at everything this package includes - there are no hidden costs!



  • WOODEN PLANTERS These will provide a stunning outdoor focus for residents, visitors, and staff to enjoy. We Can Grow will build you 4 of our huge 1800mm x 790mm x 690mm handmade pop-up allotments and install them in the ideal location within your grounds. They can be positioned on any surface including Tarmac or Concrete. They are the perfect height and size for your residents to work on whilst providing gentle exercise but avoiding having to strain too much and they’re also perfect for wheelchair users too.


  • COMPOST We will provide a specialised mix of soil conditioner and compost, containing the perfect content of nutrients and enriching organic matter. Our compost retains water really well-helping plants grow healthy and strong. Its 100% plant matter so there’s no nasty surprises. We believe your residents should get their hands mucky and our soil is the safest and best available. Our soil won’t compact so it will always be easy to dig and it acts as a mulch that keeps down the weeds too!


  • SEEDS AND PLUG PLANTS Your 'We Can Grow' Gardener will listen to residents and staff and agree on planting themes. Examples of planting themes are vegetables, cutting flowers for arranging, and cottage garden favourites. Working from your ideas we then provide you with all the seeds and plug plants you will ever possibly need through the growing seasons. 


  • VISITING GARDENER We will visit your home for 2 hours every week through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, providing gardening support and activities for groups of or individual residents and CPD training for your carer staff. We can even arrange activity sessions for your residents’ grandchildren or younger relatives making visiting your home a more child-friendly experience and providing loads of inclusive, happy, and enduring family memories.


  • MEMORY JOURNAL During each session your visiting gardener will record, photos and comments of the plants' progress in the planters. All this will be recorded on your very own digital journal through your very own “We Can Grow Online” portal. We even give you instructions and tasks to complete until we see you again including daily tasks and watering rotas.


  • ONLINE PLANNER You will have full access to We Can Grow Online your very own planning, recording, and information portal. We Can Grow Online is a suite of tools including:


  • We Can Grow Garden Planner, which will help you plan when to sow your seeds and harvest your crops. It will make sure you plant the right crops with each other using straight forward plant family colours and even tell you when there’s going to be a frost so you can cover up your precious plants if necessary. You can even publish a link for your plans or use the planner to develop other areas of your grounds.


  • We Can Grow Journal, lets you record everything you do, enabling you to build up a historic record of your facility’s growing journey, helping your residents document all the things you get right and of course you get wrong!! You will be able to show future growers when and what variety of plants you had sown, when you weeded and even how often you watered!! 


As well as providing a record of photographs for memory work the We Can Grow Journal can be used to show potential customers the enrichment activities you offer. It can also be shown to other stakeholders and inspectors.


  • We Can Grow Information Cards, providing your setting with a powerful and comprehensive knowledge base of plants, vegetables, pests, and insects. Giving you an ideal resource, useful facts, and a raft of referencing sources.


  • We Can Grow Online Fortnightly Newsletters every other week we will send you our informative videos as well as useful tips. We even tell you what to do next based on the plants your setting has selected in your Garden Planner.



  • 24/7 Telephone and Online support 

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