Residents will find that gardening is an activity they enjoy – indeed, it may have been one the enjoyed prior to living in the home – so please get in touch if you think your care home could benefit from the Bigger Growers initiative. Once again, everything will be supplied for you to begin, including a journal to keep track of what needs to be done!

We can even arrange weekend clubs for Grandchildren attend to join in with growing making their visit fun, interesting and inclusive. This type of activity is an amazing way to combat social isolation and really gives a sense of pride to anyone involved!

There is a wealth of evidence that gardening, and even spending time in a garden or among plants, is of great benefit to an individual’s mental health. Our ‘Bigger Growers’ package is designed for Care Homes, where a garden can certainly help those in residence enjoy a better quality of life. 

Whether they are able to become actively involved in the planning, planting and growing of the vegetables, or simply see it happening and enjoy watching the progress, a garden of this type will provide benefits to all involved, and then there’s the advantage of being able to eat what has been grown.



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